Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Better With Batman

Draw Something, a game for mobile devices, has finally got me drawing again. Draw Something is a fun game, but like most things, it is always better with Batman, so I have decided to dedicate my artistic skills to my new twitter feed to share this wonder with the world.


Saturday, September 26, 2009


Another Avalanche art challenge.The original Japanese for 'Godzilla' is 'Gojira' which is a combination of the english word gorilla, and the Japanese word for whale - jira. This is what 'Gojira' should look like.


This one got into the Street Fighter tribute book. Ryu's kicking leg will always bug me...

Castle Rocksmire

Adam Ford gave me the idea to do this one in honor of Ryan Wood (who loves 'This is Spinal Tap'). One of my friends back in Ohio said he saw this being used on a flyer for a guitar hero night at some club. It also made mention on kotaku (my favorite game site)

I sent it to Rockstar and they offered me a job, but I had to decline cause I'm not all that into animating guys playing guitars.

Dark Stalkers Tribute - Victor

Did this one for the Dark Stalkers Tribute book, but didn't get in. Probably because that pink hurts next to that green...

Bionic Commando

Did this for an art challenge at Avalanche - reimagine a classic video game character. The Japanese title of the original game was 'Resurrection of Hitler'. Somehow that got changed to 'Bionic Commando' for the states...